Rare & Old Whisky Tasting

On Saturday the 9th of February we'll be welcoming back Angus MacRaild for another Rare & Old Whisky Tasting. However, this will be a extra special event showcasing some of the remarkable whiskies Angus will be exhibiting at the Whisky Show Old & Rare later in the month on the 23rd and 24th of February. Tickets are priced for this tasting at £130 to reflect the value and scarcity of some of the extraordinary and historic drams in the lineup. Each of the bottles in this tasting represents a beautiful and extinct style of Scotch whisky no longer produced today. Many of them are totally unrepeatable making this a once in a lifetime opportunity to taste these whiskies.

The Whiskies On Tasting

Glen Grant. Bottled in the 1950s at 15 under proof. (48.5%)
Old Glen Grants were stupendous quality whiskies, this one is a stunning example of old style highland character malt whisky. Big, waxy, intense, fruity, mineral and mouth coating.

bottle of Strachan's of Deeside 50 Year Old Whisky Strachan's of Deeside over 50 years old. Bottled 1968. 79.4 proof (45.3%)
An incredibly rare bottling and a unique chance to try a 50 year old malt whisky distilled around the time of the first world war. Unlike anything you've ever tasted...

bottle of Glenrothes 1947 malt whisky Glenrothes 1947 28 year old. 75 proof (43%)
A very scarce official old bottling of Glenrothes. Fully matured in old school sherry casks, this is a stunning example of late 1940s speyside malt whisky, back when a high proportion of peat was still in use. Exquisite and elegant old school malt whisky full of tropical fruits and soft, old style peat smoke.

Bottle of Glen Scotia 8 Year Old whisky Glen Scotia 8 year old. Official bottling from circa 1960. (46%)
A chance to try Campbeltown malt whisky distilled in the early 1950s. A historic and long lost style of Scottish malt whisky. And a beautiful and intensely flavoursome dram to boot.

Bottle of Springbank 1o Year Old malt whisky Springbank 10 year old. Official 1970s bottling for Italy. (57.6%)
Beautiful, full strength bottling of 1960s Springbank. Huge distillate-driven profile, lush, mineral, coastal and full of fragrant peat and exotic fruits. Another bottling that is a long way from anything produced today.

Bottle of Glen Mhor 1937 malt whisky Glen Mhor 1937 - 1959. Private bottling. (48.6%)
A special private bottling of which only 39 bottles were produced. From two stoneware flagons of 1939 Glen Mhor discovered in a private cellar in Dundee. The whisky is at natural strength after full-term maturation in a sherry cask. A fusion of intense old style sherry and robust, fatty, earthy peat smoke. Like many of the whiskies in this line up, this is a once in a lifetime dram...

To Book Your Ticket

To book your ticket please visit any of our shops or call 0141 258 8427.