Orsogna Malvasia Orange 'Ancestrale' Skin Contact 'Biodynamic' 2019
  • Orsogna Malvasia Orange 'Ancestrale' Skin Contact 'Biodynamic' 2019

Orsogna Malvasia Orange 'Ancestrale' Skin Contact 2022 *Biodynamic* *V*


Full Orange with typical savoury and salty notes. Flavours of ripe stone fruits. Vegan.


Cantina Orsogna is an award-winning Abruzzo cooperative specialising in native grapes of the region such as Montepluciano d`Abruzzo, Cococciola and Pecorino. Orsogna are committed to the biodynamic principles by which they make their wine and have many certified Demeter biodynamic wines. Under the brand Lunaria, they support the activities of the WWF LIFE Euroturtles project to protect turtles in the Mediterranean. The aim of the project is to improve the conservation status of the EU populations of two sea turtle priority species, the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta and the green turtle Chelonia Mydas.

75cl / ABV 13.5%

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