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Texas Legation Batch No.2 Bourbon

A limited small batch bourbon whisky distilled by Ironfoot Republic in Texas for esteemed London wine & spirit merchants Berry Bros. & Rudd.

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Batch No. 2 of Berry Bros. & Rudd's Texas Legation bourbon whisky is distilled by Ironfoot Republic and blended by Berry's own Doug McIvor and is a limited run of five thousand bottles at 92.4 US proof (46.2% ABV).

Producer's tasting notes...

"Deep and enticing, dusty sweet corn husks mingle with rich seasoned oak notes to provide an assertive, uplifting nose which is softened by honey and vibrant fruit. The palate expands gloriously with a background sour-mash, chalky hit doused by layers of honey and dark treacle toffee. Lingering and giving to the death: this is a masterpiece of balance, complexity, texture and structure."