Montanaro 6 P.M. Aperitivo 1L


A deep, rhubarb-forward aperitif with savoury vegetal notes.


This deep, rhubarb-forward amaro has savory vegetal notes of radish and safflower as well as apple, cherry, and cinnamon. It was developed specifically to be sipped before dinner (hence the name) to open the palate. It also lends itself to light cocktails and twists on the traditional spritz made with Aperol or Campari. Montanaro Aperitivo 6 PM pairs well with bubbles or even on its own with a piece of chocolate.

The Aperitif 6 PM Montanaro born from the desire to create a young product, different from the grappas of the Piedmontese company, whose secret recipe is kept in the Montanaro headquarters in Gallo d’Alba. It is a fresh and refreshing aperitif, created with plant extracts, aromas and flavors of citrus, herbs and natural flavours: from apple to cherry, from cinnamon to absinthe, to cloves, orange blossom and vanilla.

100cl / 16%