Rabastas Blanche
  • Rabastas Blanche

Rabastas Blanche


A small batch Blanche Armagnac.


Distilled from Colombard grapes in a copper pot still by distiller Delord Freres.

Distiller's note:

A Blanche / White Armagnac crafted to round out the perfect cocktail.

Made with 100% Colombard Grapes,

Distilled in a Double Copper Pot Still

Appellation: Blanche-Armagnac

The nose is Fruity and floral, with orange blossoms, lime, pamplemousse and white flowers.

In the palate,lemon and fresh green apples. Ripe fresh peach and lemon essential oils again.

The finish is long, dry, clean and sharp as a musketeer sword.

70cl / 42%