Waterproof Blended Malt


A good value full-flavoured, sherry influenced blended malt.


Waterproof is a Sherry-influenced blended malt Scotch whisky made with malts from a handful of top distilleries, batch bottled at higher than normal strength of 45.8% or 91.6 Proof.

The name and branding reference the essential whisky-making component, Water, and the old liquid strength measuring scale, Proof, as well as the fact that a 'Waterproof' jacket is sensible outdoor wear, especially in Scotland, and that this whisky is bottled at higher strength and can handle a drop or two of water.

It can be enjoyed neat, over ice, with water, or as part of a cocktail.

Producer's tasting notes... "fruit sweetness, sherry-influenced, complex, balanced, long-lasting"

70cl / 45.8% abv