Thompson Brothers TB/BSW Blended Scotch 6 Year Old


A sherry-forward 6 year old blend from the terrific Thompson Brothers of Dornoch in North East Scotland.


*** Strictly limited to 1 bottle per customer/household/account/cardholder ***

Thompson Brothers' notes:

This small-batch blended Scotch whisky is composed of carefully chosen single malt and single grain whiskies, which have all been aged for more than 6 years before being blended and rested and then bottled at Dornoch distillery. The components of the blend were selected to celebrate sherry maturation and its character is inspired by the sherry-forward blends of the past. Once rested it is slowly diluted to 46% abv for a balance of easy-drinking quaffability and flavour-forward intensity.

Nose: Plum sauce, miso, maggi, golden sultanas, cinder toffee, coffee crème pâtissière

Palate: Golden Sultanas, raisin loaf, buttered Jamaica cake, maple & toasted cinnamon

Finish: Soft warm spices; allspice, nutmeg and cinnamon. Orange peel and dried figs

Non-Chill filtered and natural colour.

70cl / 46% abv