Little Pomona 'Orange Cider' 750ml
  • Little Pomona 'Orange Cider' 750ml

Little Pomona 'Orange Cider' 750ml


Expect a kaleidoscope of tangerine, vanilla and exotic flowers, but also a hint of something savoury in the background. It’s intensely fruity, tangy and juicy, bursting with peach, apricot, zesty orange oil, a cool note of cloves and some silky soft tannins. 


Destined to become Old Man & The Bee 2019 when it went into barrels, two of the four casks took a very different path to what was expected. “Orange Wine” became the common tasting note for those tasting and this dry, still cider has become a little homage to some of the best skin contact white wines.

75cl / ABV 7.7%