Ford's Gin


Thames Distillers, London use a wide varriety of botanicals from around the globe to produce Ford's London dry gin.


Inspired by the craft cocktail movement and developed with input from some of the world’s best bartenders. Fords Gin is an award-winning gin made for cocktails; a classic London Dry Gin style using the highest quality botanicals by mapping the key ingredients of classic cocktails and matching them to a blend of 9 unique botanicals. The gin is therefore high in essential oils with a rich flavour and texture that is exceptional in Martinis, G&Ts and all classic gin drinks.

GIN TASTING NOTES Nose: juniper, coriander and angelica root in front with developing layers of citrus, jasmine, and hints of vanilla in the back. Very pleasant on the nose, bright, and aromatic. Front of Palate: light sweetness on tip of the tongue. Gentle introduction of the botanicals to follow. Notes of orris and angelica roots. Mid–Palate: prominent mid–palate presence, with juniper oils on the center tongue and full aroma on top palate. Citrus oils excite the side palate beautifully. Mouthfeel: medium body with fresh mouth feel. Finish: long, lingering finish of grapefruit rind and juniper with a balance of the floral notes.

70cl / 45%