Cotswolds 1616 Barrel-Aged Gin
  • Cotswolds 1616 Barrel-Aged Gin

Cotswolds 1616 Barrel-Aged Gin


This is a luxurious, thick texture gin that fills the mouth and a light, cosy warmth to it. There are oily citrus notes to start, then comes a touch of chocolate and a hint of breadiness akin to marble rye bread, followed by dark, vine fruit notes and a gentle lift of cedar and oak.


Distiller's note:

Our barrel-aged gin is made by re-distilling our malt whisky in a copper still and combining it with juniper, coriander, nutmeg, orange peel and other botanicals. The result is an extraordinarily delicious spirit with notes of freshly baked fruit loaf, dark chocolate chips and vanilla.

50cl / 46%