RyeLaw is the first officlal release from InchDairnie distillery in Fife.


Fife Single Grain Scotch Whisky made with 53% malted rye and 47% malted barley, both Scottish grown (single farm rye and spring barley). Fermented with a rye specific yeast. Double distilled in pot stills, the first with rare double condensers and the second a bespoke Lomond Hill still. Matured in charred new Ozark Mountain American oak casks (char no. 3).

The first release was distilled in 2017, bottled in 2022 and released on 26th April 2023.

Our tasting note: a complex, subtle dram. There's a fascinating interplay between the familiar barley notes and the spicy, herbal aspects of the rye, a pendulum swinging from biscuity malt to floral rye spice and back again. Over time, the sweetness of the casks also comes through in the finish.

Official tasting notes...

Colour: Golden.
Aroma: Distinguished rye spiciness mingling with mellow oak above a soft layer of vanilla.
Flavour: Cascading pepper from the rye caressingly wrapped in mouth-coating, oily viscosity and sweet biscuity, cereal and dried fruit notes.

Natural colour. Non chill filtered.

70cl / 46.3%