Nc'Nean Huntress 2023 Release 'Woodland Candy' 48.5%


A bold and creamy dram from the west coast Highland distillery, Woodland Candy is the 2023 release in Nc'Nean's Huntress series.


Nc'Nean's Huntress series of small batch releases explores the distillery's ethos of discovery, innovation and pursuit of unique whisky flavours.

Woodland Candy, the 2023 release in the series, is made with a special four yeast recipe, including red and white wine yeasts.

Nc'Nean's tasting notes: "bold and creamy - flavours of buttery toffee, forest fruits and a touch of herbal spice".

Made with organic Scottish barley, using 100% renewable energy, and packaged in a 100% recycled bottle.

Natural colour. Non chill filtered.

Limited to 1 bottle per customer/household/account/cardholder/person.

70cl / 48.5% abv