Murray McDavid 'Cask Craft' Croftengea Port & Madeira Finish


A port and madeira cask finished Croftengea (peated Loch Lomond) from independent bottlers Murray McDavid's great value Cask Craft range.


From independent bottlers Murray McDavid's 'Cask Craft' range, this Croftengea (peated Loch Lomond) was finished in both port and madeira wine barriques from Portugal.

Murray McDavid's tasting notes: "This vibrant, peated malt has been finished in two batches of fortified wine casks. This coming together has produced flamboyant flavours of sweet hickory, BBQ tropical fruits and an alluring smokiness that gently lingers."

Croftengea's character: peat smoke, fresh fruits and creamy sweetness.
Port & Madeira wine barrique influence:  rich, red fruits, hint of nuts with sweet oak spice.

In summary they say, "Smoky & Fruity".

Natural colour.

70cl / 44.5% abv