Octomore 12.3 PX Finish 62.1%


Edition 12.3 of Bruichladdich's super heavily peated Octomore, made with Islay barley and part aged in PX sherry casks.


Edition 12.3 of Bruichladdich distillery's super heavily peated Octomore single malt. This particular release is made from the 2014 harvest of Concerto barley grown in Church Field at Octomore Farm on Islay, peated to 118.1 ppm, distilled in 2015 and then aged 5 years, 75% of the spirit in ex-bourbon casks and 25% in first-fill PX sherry butts from Jerez bodega Fernando de Castilla. Bottled at 62.1% abv.

Producer's tasting notes: "This Islay barley spirit has breathed slowly and delicately for five aged years, its salty citrus marine note resulting from the locale of where the barley was grown and our warehouses proximity to the sea. The Pedro Ximenez casks contribute sweet dried fruit notes which highlight the rich dry peat smoke of Octomore."

*** Limited to one bottle per household ***

70cl / 62.1% abv