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Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cacao White 50cl

White Chocolate liqueur from Dijon, France. Fantastic cocktail ingredient and versatile in the kitchen too!

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As with all Gabriel Boudier products, priority is given to retaining the flavours of the raw fruit, as opposed to the sometimes artificial, overly sweet nature of some liqueurs.

White Cacao can be used to add rich, decadent flavours to many drinks or desserts, but we've got two recipes which make use of it in a far more subtle manner.

The Prospector contains Cognac, White Cacao, Green Chartreuse and Cointreau, stirred over ice until chilled and diluted. A highly complex result, very contemplative.

Or try The Twentieth Century from the Cafe Royal Cocktail Book, which required Gin, Lemon Juice, White Cacao and Lillet Blanc, shaken.