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Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cacao Brown 50cl

Dark Chocolate Liqueur from Dijon, France. Fantastic cocktail ingredient, and versatile in the kitchen too!

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As with all Gabriel Boudier products, priority is given to retaining the flavours of the raw fruit, as opposed to the sometimes artificial, overly sweet nature of some liqueurs.

The go-to cocktail for utilising Dark Creme de Cacao is a classic Brandy Alexander, which also contains Cognac and Cream.

However, we think you should try recreating a far less famous, and much more curious drink called the Never Ending Story. This features on the menu at the Beaufort Bar in the illustrious Savoy Hotel and calls for White Rum, (try Chairman's Reserve White, Plantation 3 Stars or Diplomatico Blanco Reserva), Cacao Brown, Lime Juice, Caster Sugar, and 4 Dashes of Absinthe.