Suze Sauveur d'Autrefois Gentian Liqueur
  • Suze Sauveur d'Autrefois Gentian Liqueur

Suze Gentian Liqueur 20%


Rich and intense, yet subtle liquor with floral and citrus notes, clean bitterness and a hint of spice.


In 1885, Fernand Moureaux created an aperitif based on gentian roots at 20%, which he presented at the universal exhibition in 1889, where it was immediately awarded a gold medal. The liquor is named after his step-sister, Suzanne. The source of the flavours is fresh wild gentian root from the auvergne, and fresh cultivated gentian root from normandy – half of each, which are macerated in neutral alcohol for around a year before being pressed to extract the flavour. The bouquet is enhanced by the addition of a distillate of angelica and other herbs.

Suze saveur d'autrefois (“taste of the old daysâ€) is a return to the original style. It is delicious on the rocks or over ice with tonic. The signature serve is the white negroni: equal parts suze, white vermouth and London dry gin, served over ice with a twist of lemon.