Ncn'ean Botanical Spirit 50cl
  • Ncn'ean Botanical Spirit 50cl

Nc'nean Botanical Spirit 50cl


From the  Ncn'ean Distillery in Morven on the west coast of the Scottish highlands, this single malt spirit is triple distilled with ten botanicals including sorrel, heather, thyme, grapefruit and wild bog myrtle. 


The first batch of experimental spirits produced by the Ncn'earn Distillery (an independent, organic distillery on Scotland's west coast) while they wait for their whisky to come of age in 2020. This is triple-distilled with help from the Beinn An Tuirc Distillery in Kintyre using a host of botanicals.

They suggest serving it with tonic, a dash of Angostura bitters and plenty of ice.

We reckon its dry, malty finish makes it a great candidate for a Martinez.