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Dram Mor Martinique Rhum MMLF 2017 7 Year Old 54%


A single cask 6 year old Rhum Agricole from Martinique released by independent bottlers Dràm Mòr.


This Rhum Agricole was distilled in 2017 at a secret distillery on the Caribbean island of Martinique (rum mark MMLF) and aged for 6 years. Fully matured in the UK in an ex bourbon barrel (cask no. 08). Bottled at 54% in an outturn of 249 individually numbered bottles by family owned and run Dumbarton based independent bottlers Dràm Mòr.

Dràm Mòr's notes: "Martinique Rhum Agricole is made from filtered sugarcane which is fermented and distilled before ageing. Rhum Agricole has a protected origin status, granted in 1975, that gives incredibly strict rules for everything from the sugarcane variety, harvesting process and method of growing. It is famous for being herbaceous, grassy, fruity and dry. Ours is a belter of the breed, vegetal, fruity and wonderfully spicy."

70cl / 54% abv