Solara 'Orange' 2019
  • Solara 'Orange' 2019

Solara 'Orange' 2022 *V*


A blend of Feteasca Alba 51%, Sauvignon Blanc 19%, and other native grapes 30%.

Aromas of quince, poire william and a hint of vanilla. A complex and structured wine, with elegant fruit flavours of stone fruits, backed up with a powerful tannin structure and long finish. A natural minimal intervention wine which is well balanced and structured yet pure and incredibly fresh.


Refreshing like a white wine, withthecomplexity of red wine. This orange wineis made byleaving the grapeskins and seeds incontact withthe pressed juice, creating a deep orange-hued finish. The winefermentsnaturally without the addition ofyeasts,sulphur or any other additions. The differentvarieties arethen blended and before a naturalcold stabilisation, and bottled unfiltered and unfined.

75cl / ABV 12.5%

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