El Dorado 21yo
  • El Dorado 21yo
  • El Dorado 21yo

El Dorado 21 Year Old


Perhaps the finest expression of Demerara rum in the world, this is a complex, sweet drink best enjoyed from a nosing glass, with plenty of time to spare.


The Diamond plantation on the banks of the Demerara river has a historical collection of different stills, including the world's only wooden coffey still. These stills contribute a huge range of different flavours, making El Dorado a truly complex taste experience.

The 21 Year Old is blended from rums distilled in the Enmore, Albion, and Versaille stills.

El Dorado is a brand created in 1992 by Demerara Distillers Limited, who can trace their history in Guyana back to the first sugar cane growers cooperative in 1670.

70cl / 43%