Copalli Cacao Rum
  • Copalli Cacao Rum

Copalli Cacao Rum


Cacao and sugar cane distilled rum drink from an organic estate in Belize.


Heed my words: a rum liquor this is NOT. When we first tasted this, we thought it was going to be some sickly sweet cocoa-extract flavoured rum drink, and boy, were we wrong. A distillation of sugar cane juice that has been infused with organic cacao prior to being fermented, this is quite an interesting beverage indeed. There certainly are notes of cacao/chocolate, but the grassy funk of Copalli’s rums shines through. Being drier than one might expect, this is a versatile spirit that would certainly bring something unique to an espresso martini, piña colada, or any other classic rum cocktail. Also a joy to sip on its own. 70cl / 40% ABV.