Purist Art Gin


Purist Gin Batch #3 featuring the work of Francesca Mosley on the bottle.


Distiller's note:

Purist Gin has a light orange and cassia spice on the nose, which develops in the mouth to a more rounded classic juniper and coriander with yuzu peel flavours bursting through as it mellows out into a sweet orange aftertaste lingering briefly before the pallet is left refreshed.

The distillery uses a single-shot process and almond powder to really mellow out the ethanol and bind it with rich botanicals to provide not only a smooth gin but a very light mouthfeel.

Purist Gin Batch #3 - Francesca Mosley is our third artist to feature on a bottle. Francesca is a young painter based in Edinburgh who has kindly let us feature one of her many enchanting floral painting on our third batch of Purist Gin.

70cl / 42%