Isle of Cumbrae Restoration Gin


A limited edition small batch gin from Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae featuring pineapple, mango and elderberry amongst its botanicals.


A hand crafted, small batch gin from the Isle of Cumbrae, just off the west coast of Scotland, made by an all-female team of residents of the island's only town, Millport. 

This Restoration Gin is a limited edition release celebrating the restoration of Millport's historic town hall, built in 1878. The gin is made with feature botanicals of pineapple, mango and elderberry, which are reflected in the colours of the label, designed by Millportonian Julie Mapes to also represent the town's bright shop fronts.

Isle of Cumbrae Distillers give a portion of the sale of each bottle to support the Millport Town Hall fundraising efforts.

70cl / 41% abv