Isle of Cumbrae Maura Gin


From the town of Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae, this gin celebrates Scotland's women and West Coast botanicals.


A hand crafted, small batch gin from the Isle of Cumbrae, just off the west coast of Scotland, made by an all-female team of residents of the island's only town, Millport.

An ancient Celtic name meaning 'Star of the Sea', Maura celebrates Scotland's women, who helped shape its history, legends and stories of the sea. The botanicals feature delicate wildflowers and berries of Scotland's West Coast. Botanicals whose origins are rooted in female folklore were also selected.

The Maura label artist, Hope Blamire, is a celebrated Scottish painter, whose vibrant artwork captures the coastal landscapes and glistening waters of the West Coast of Scotland.

70cl / 43% abv