Shoogle Junniperous Navy Strength


A navy strength version of Shoogle's Scottish Dry Gin.


Shoogle Junniperous Gin takes the same eleven botanical ingredients as the Scottish Dry Gin, including juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, orange and cardamom blended with more peculiar ingredients such as kumquat, baobab, tonka bean and pink peppercorn.

The juniper and citrus notes are amplified to produce a juniper forward navy strength gin balanced with sweet citrus from orange and fresh kumquats, with a hint of warming spice from the cassia and pink peppercorn.

Distiller's tasting notes:

Shoogle Junniperous Gin presents itself as a sweet citrus forward gin with a pepper spice backdrop. The juniper and kumquat appear on the nose at first, luring you in with a likeness of tangerine before giving way to traces of cinnamon and spicy pink peppercorn. On the pallete, the initial citrus sweetness melts into the piney juniper before the warming flavours of cassia, tonka bean and cardamom level things out a little, in preparation for the more earthy notes of angelica root and the final pepper spice hit from the pink peppercorn.

70cl / 57%

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