J. Gow Fading Light Chestnut Cask Aged Rum


We're super excited to be stocking this chestnut cask aged pure single rum from J. Gow. Fermented, pot distilled, chestnut cask matured and bottled on Orkney.


Pot still rum aged in chesnut casks, with zero added sugar or colouring.

Chesnut is more porous than oak so the rum matures quicker, countering the slow maturation in Orkney's cold climate.

Official tasting note:

Clean, bright, pale golden yellow colour. The nose is complex with estery notes of dried fruits, vanilla, cream and spice. The palate is smooth and long with hints of nuts and spice on the finish.

Our tasting note:

This is a really interesting rum. On the nose there are plenty of those funky fermentation flavours typically associated with Jamaican rums, as well as some very distinctive woody notes - definitely NOT oak :)

To taste it's clearly youthful and slightly spiky, but the complex flavours - grassy, sweetly spiced, milky - are very entertaining.

70cl / 43%