A.D. Rattray Cask Collection Tormore 2011 12 Year Old Cask No.800041 62.1%


A single cask bourbon barrel matured Tormore from independent bottlers A.D. Rattray.


From independent bottlers A.D. Rattray's Cask Collection series, this single cask 12 year old Tormore was matured in a bourbon barrel (cask #800041).

Distilled on 19.01.2011, bottled on 22.06.2023. A release of 207 bottles at a cask strength of 62.1%.

A. D. Rattray's tasting notes...

Colour: Amber glow.
Nose: Desiccated coconut, bright peppermint and butterscotch.
Palate: Juicy tangerine, soft caramel and ground cinnamon.
Finish: Rich muscavado sugar with hints of hazelnut chocolate.

Natural colour. Non chill filtered. Cask strength.

70cl / 62.1% abv