Distil No.9 Vodka
  • Distil No.9 Vodka

Distil No.9 Vodka


This the modern interpretation of a traditional Ukrainian vodka recipe and is a young, fresh vodka for any occasion.


Distil. No 9 is a premium vodka from the Staritsky Levitsky distillery in Lviv, Ukraine. It is the result of S&L's Master Distiller research into Ukraine's distilling traditions. After making a large number of batches, distillation No 9 produced an exceptional result.

S&L's new vodka was born. Distil. No 9 is distilled 5 times and purified 4 times (twice through young birch charcoal and twice through rhinestone). It is produced in single batches of 9 999 bottles

70cl / 40%