Whitewood Pineapple Flambe Botanical Spirit 50cl


A small batch botanical spirit made with caramelised and rum-flambéed pineapple, lime zest, lemon verbena and tonka.


A botanical spirit from Whitewood Distilling Co. in Leeds. For this particular small batch release fresh pineapple slices were caramelised in a rich sugar blend before being flambéed with overproof Jamaican rum. Once cooked the slices were dried before being distilled in grain spirit with lime zest, lemon verbena and tonka bean.

Whitewood's tasting notes: "bold tropical flavours supported by layers of delicate spice and lifting zest."

Whitewood's botanical spirits are made to be enjoyed like gin or vodka - serve them over ice, mix with soda or tonic, or use in cocktails.

50cl / 40% abv