Four Roses Small Batch Select 52%


A Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Four Roses made up of six of their ten unique Bourbon recipes. 


*** Maximum of 1 bottle per customer/household/account. ***

A blend of six different 6 and 7 year old Bourbons, produced with three of Four Roses's proprietary yeast strains V, K and F and both their different mashbills.

Non-chill filtered and bottled at 104 US proof (52% abv). 

Four Roses's tasting notes...

"... retains the richness and depth of six of our Bourbon recipes, exhibiting a complexity and character greater than the sum of its parts. This mellow spirit is defined by a unique, candied fruit flavour balanced by spice for a refreshing, nuanced taste that fades into a long finish that is characteristic of the Four Roses family of Bourbon."

For the true Four Roses nerds, the constituent recipes of Four Roses used in this bottling are as follows.

OBSV - delicate fruit (pear, apricot), spicy, creamy
OBSK - rich in spiciness, full body
OBSF - mint, fruity, spicy, full body
OESV - delicate fruit, fresh, creamy
OESK - spicy, full body
OESF - mint, fruity, full body

75cl / 52% abv