Habitation Velier Forsyths WP 502 White Rum - 57%


A heady, complex, high proof, old style Jamaican white rum from the Worthy Park Estate.


A single estate white rum from Worthy Park in Jamaica, bottled by Habitation Velier in 2015.

Made wholly from molasses from the estate, this white rum is the result of an extremely long three month Jamaican-style fermentation and was distilled in the double retort pot still built by Forsyths (of Rothes, Scotland) and installed at Worthy Park in 2005.

It has a congener content of 502 milligrams per litre, which is more than double that of a typical rhum agricole.

Forsyths WP 502 is a full flavoured and complex old-style Jamaican rum, with all the aroma you could hope for.

70cl / 57%