Boatyard Old Tom


Old Tom style gin made with PX Sherry.


Distiller's note:

Old Tom is a style of gin that some say takes its name from an illicit method of dispensing gin in the 18th Century. A sign was erected outside Captain Bradstreet’s premises in London carrying the image of a cat. Thirsty passers-by would deposit their penny in a slot and receive a slug of gin from a lead pipe under the cat's paw in return.

Boatyard Old Tom is made using a gin base that has been distilled in our Copper Alembic Pot Still, called ‘Érainn’. The collected spirit rests in hand-picked first-fill Pedro Ximénez sherry casks where the natural sweetness and richness of the sherry absorbs into our gin. To finish the process a small amount of PX sherry is added to give our spirit a velvety smooth mouthfeel.

70cl / 41%


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Old Tom