LBD Latitude Strength Gin 50cl


All the beauty of the LBD gin, but punchier at the higher ABV.


Distiller's note:
Our LBD GIN Unimited Edition, turned up to 11, or turned up to 57.2. All the same botanicals and distillation processes found HERE but with less dilution, giving more flavour OOMPH and an even silkier mouthfeel. We think our gin really sings at the higher abv and it’ll be affa fine in martinis, gimlets and negronis where you want the gin to punch through.

Nose: Lemon tango slap from the 90s while inhaling deep breaths of forest. All the petrichor.

Palate: Candied nasturtium petals, grapefruit segments and sherbert dib dab, washed down with herbal tea.

Finish: Rocket, white pepper and lemon dressing.

Key Botanicals: Wood sorrel, beech leaf, parsnip and birch sap. Oh yeah and juniper, lots of it.

50cl / 57.2%

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