Los Arcos El Valle Destilado de Agave


A distilled agave spirit made in the same traditional ways as Tequila but outwith the legal Tequila classification.


Los Arcos is made in the Tequila producing region using 100% blue weber agave, using the traditional methods of Tequila production, including using only mature agave no younger than 6 years old, mill crushing and pot distillation.

It is made outwith the legal Tequila or Mezcal categories in particular to allow more freedom in the choice of agave, as, for Tequila, only blue agave certified by the CRT (Consejo Regulador Del Tequila, A.C.) can be used. This also gives more freedom in what can be done to the spirit post-production and includes being able to distill and age the spirit outside of Mexico.

70cl / 42.5% abv

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